Edgar Snow travels to China 1928
Edgar Snow travels to northwest of China, interviews and films the Chinese communists 1936
Edgar Snow publishes Red Star Over China 1938
Lois Snow begins her acting career on Broadway 1943
Lois and Edgar meet 1946
Founding of the People’s Republic of China under the leadership of Chairman Mao     1949
Lois and Edgar are blacklisted, leave the United States and settle in Switzerland 1959
Lois and Edgar buy the farmhouse in Eysins, Swizerland        1969
Lois and Edgar stand with Chairman Mao on balcony of Tian An Men, first indication that the American President Nixon would be welcomed 1970
Edgar Snow dies 1972
President Nixon travels to China 1972
Edgar Snow’s ashes buried in China 1973
Tian An Men massacre in China 1989
Lois travels to Beijing to try to give money to Women’s association who have lost their children in the Tian An Men massacre         2001